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Social Media Grabs is a quintessential content marketing firm. We specialize in helping clients increase brand awareness and generate leads through targeted content marketing.


As a client-focused organization, we are increasingly committed to assisting Real Estate clients including, Real Estate agents, Contractors, Brokers etc. Increase their social media presence and online lead generation.



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We create all your daily, weekly and monthly social media content.

Full Instagram Account management

We take full management of your instagram account to maximize followers and engagement and get leads to your inbox.

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Why Choose Us


An online social media content company that specializes in creating online content and lead generation.*


Many small business owners, firms and individuals don't have the extra time or 'creativity' to come up with attention-grabbing and converting content. Many are gifted selling and promoting their product or service, but get 'stuck' on creating content for their brand. This is where Social Media Grabs comes in.


Social Media Grabs doesn't just take into consideration the product or service when generating creative content for your business or firm. We look at the 'entire picture' and asses your brands message, audience, and goals which helps us to create custom content tailored to your objectives. SMG will capture the essence of your overall business.

What makes us 'unique'?

Many companies have a 'one size' fits all approach. We focus on a niche market catered toward your goals and needs.   

 We don't leave it to the client to have to figure out the 'creative' stuff.


We help fill the void of the creative process and get a better understanding of your wants and needs through our brief in-take assessment form.

We make this process as simple as we can for you, our SMG client.

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