Three Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Social Media Manager

Marketing your business products and services nowadays are a lot different than they used to. Now, there are so many other means and ways to promote your product beyond simply handing out flyers or having a website.

Beyond all of these things, there is the internet that you can utilize to maximize reach and exposure to your ideal target audience. And within the internet is the all-powerful social media, that allows you to directly engage and interact with potential clients.

By now, you probably have heard a million times about social media management and why this is crucial for your business. It is a very direct way of sharing information with your audience, as well as getting feedback from them.

You have your own social media accounts that you handle regularly, so it should be easy for you to simply do the same for your business accounts, right?

Wrong. Social media marketing is an entirely different ballgame. It can be pretty cutthroat out there, especially with the thousands of competitors doing the same thing you’re doing. If only for this reason, you should seriously consider hiring a social media manager for the following reasons:

1. They will create a solid plan and strategy.

Your social media manager will not just post random things on your account. Rather, they will come up with a full-fledged calendar to work out which posts will come up when. There is always going to be an intention for every topic they will post about, all of which are supposed to be relevant to your brand in one way or another. Consumers want meaningful and relevant content.

2. They can analyze the data for you.

Social media marketing is not just about posting engaging content and waiting to see how long and how fast before it gets picked up by your audience. The number of likes on a post is just one way to see how much they like your content.

However, there are plenty of other points of information that you should be concerned with. Your social media manager can track your audience’s behavior, and from here, design a plan that would take into account the time of most user activity, the type of content preferred (whether it is a long-read opinion piece or a short video content, and more.

Remember, it’s all about intentionality. The more data you have, the more analysis you can get, which should guide you to completing your social media strategy.

3. They are the cost-efficient choice.

Hiring a social media manager may seem like an unnecessary additional cost for your operations. However, they should be well worth the investment given their expertise on the matter. Besides, social media is very heavy on engagement and would definitely require someone who is going to be dedicated solely to moderating the comments section. It would be much cheaper for you to hire a social media manager who knows how to handle online users, rather than hiring another team for damage control in case you post or say something that offends your audience.

While they do that, you can instead focus on what you do best: running the ship to your business.

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